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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Upon Shadows working on a new album.

We are currently working on a new album!
Meanwhile you can support us listening to our music at Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, YouTube... !
Thank you very much!




Free downloads in this blog, check the older posts.

Natalia Arocena 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Upon Shadows featuring Kimmo Luttinen!

We feel extremely grateful and honored to have the participation
of one of the biggest Finnish black metal legend !

Kimmo Luttinen (ex-Impaled Nazarene ,ex-Isänmaa, ex-Legenda, The Perforators, ex-Beherit, ex-Catamenia, ex-The Black League, ex-Plan E, ex-Terveet Kädet) recorded the drums for our single “Geometry Of Music” at Soundmix Recording Studios, Oulu, Finalnd. Mixed and mastered by Mika Pohjola.

Lineup :
Tamara Picardo –  guitars, keyboards and vocals.          
Natalia Arocena – bass.
Special participation of Kimmo Luttinen on drums.
All music, lyrics and art design by Tamara Picardo.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Upon Shadows New Logo !

We have been thinking about changing Upon Shadows logo for quite some time now, and it seems that we finally get to something.

Remember to check out our new single "Fatal Stigma Of The Realist"

Available at Spotify

Digital copies at Bandcamp

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Upon Shadows Book of Lyrics

Upon Shadows Book of Lyrics is out now ! 

You can order your copy at:


Free download

To celebrate our 15 years of music with Upon Shadows, we are releasing a book  that contains all Upon Shadows lyric, albums information, pictures and a complete bio.
The bio was written by our dear friend Kosta Bayss of Goetic Records.

Book details :

Paperback: 74 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1365302598
ISBN-13: 978-1365302596
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Upon Shadows featuring Matti Torro on drums!

We have the pleasure to announce the participation of Matti Torro on drums for Upon Shadows upcoming single " Fatal Stigma Of The Realist ".
Date release: October 18th! /2017

Today, Matti Torro recorded the drums for our upcoming single " Fatal Stigma Of The Realist " at Soundmix recording studio, Oulu, Finland.
Thank you very much Matti Torro, is sounding amazing!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

UPON SHADOWS New single " Fatal stigma of the realist "

New single " Fatal stigma of the realist "
Date Release : October 18th./ 2017
Special participation of Matti Torro on drums !
Cover Art : oil painting by Ricardo Arocena !

Mixed and mastered by Mika Pohjola at Soundmix recording studio, Oulu, Finland.

We are very pleased to have the special participation of Matti Torro on drums for the recording of our new single “Fatal stigma of the realist”.
Matti, is an excellent drummer with a wide musical experience, is part of the Finnish band Myon, and has collaborated on countless bands of different styles, what makes his participation in Upon Shadows very interesting from a creative point of view.

Fatal stigma of the realist talks about the inevitability of foreboding.
In an infinite universe, the finitude of our existence becomes present in every moment of our lives, in our projects, in our relationships, in our way of facing life. Talks about the presence of sadness always crouching in our mind, as a result of understanding. Not from a pessimistic point of view but from realism.

About the cover art:
Upon Shadow´s portrait by Ricardo Arocena, (Oil painting, 2017).
The portrait reflects a dark atmosphere, where good and evil complement each other in our faces.
Natalia appears in all her fullness and beauty, while in my face, as in Oscar Wilde's story "The Portrait of Dorian Gray", all the evil remains captive in the portrait.
We believe it is a fascinating interpretation of our essence, that at once embodies the concept of the new simple in a profound and poetic way.


Nuevo simple llamado “Fatal stigma of the realist " (Fatal estigma del realista).
Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 de Octubre/ 2017
Con la participación especial de Matti Torro en batería !
Arte de tapa: pintura al óleo de Ricardo Arocena !

Mezclado y masterizado por Mika Pohjola en Soundmix recording studio, en Oulu, Finlandia.

Estamos muy contentas de contar con la participación especial de Matti Torro en la batería para la grabación de nuestro nuevo simple “Fatal stigma of the realist”.
Matti, es un excelente baterísta con una amplia experiencia musical. Es parte de la banda finesa Myon y ha colaborado en infinidad de bandas de diversos estilos, lo que hace su participación en Upon Shadows muy interesante desde un punto de vista creativo.

“Fatal stigma of the realist " habla de lo inevitable del presentimiento.
En un universo infinito, la finitud de nuestra existencia se hace presente en cada momento de nuestras vidas, en nuestros proyectos, en nuestras relaciones, en nuestra forma de encarar la vida. Habla de la presencia de la tristeza siempre agazapada en nuestra mente, como consecuencia del entendimiento. No desde una visión pesimista sino desde el realismo.

Acerca del arte de tapa:
Es el retrato de Upon Shadows por Ricardo Arocena, (pintura al óleo, 2017).
El retrato refleja una atmósfera oscura, dónde lo bueno y lo malo se complementan en nuestros rostros. Natalia aparece en toda su plenitud y belleza, mientras en mi rostro, como en el cuento de ‎Oscar Wilde "El retrato de Dorian Gray", toda la maldad permanece cautiva en el retrato.
Sentimos que es una interpretación fascinante de nuestra escencia, que a la vez plasma el concepto del nuevo simple de forma profunda y poética.