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Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday, May 14, 2021

Tamara Picardo (Dark Ambient and Solo Keyboard Music) :


Solo Keyboard version of Upon Shadows song "Vision From The Child" released in 2013 and " The Music Of All Things " included in the album "Between the Southern Cross & the Northern Star" released in 2015

Only Keyboards, releases June 4, 2021
© & ⓟ 2021 All music composed and produced by Tamara Picardo
Art design by Tamara Picardo.
Mixed and mastered by Tamara Picardo.

Carrousel - 2021 

A ghost's story in the Carousel of an amusement park.
The theme represents a journey through the different sections of the park and the coexistence between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Carrousel, releases August 5, 2021
© & ⓟ 2021 All music composed and produced by Tamara Picardo
Art design by Tamara Picardo.
Mixed and mastered by Tamara Picardo.

Hidden Terror Of All Dreams, released August 25, 2016
© & ⓟ All music composed and produced by Tamara Picardo.
Art design by Tamara Picardo.
* Mixed and mastered by Tamara Picardo.

Only Keys And Whispers - Keyboard Compilation 2011

(Instrumental - Keyboard)
"Only Keys And Whispers" a compilation of 16 instrumental tracks, where you can find some tracks I made for the Uruguayan TV Show Voces Anónimas, as well as some instrumental versions of old songs, and all the instrumental keyboard songs released by upon shadows.

© & ⓟ 2011All music composed and produced by Tamara Picardo.
Art design by Tamara Picardo.
* Mixed and mastered by Tamara Picardo.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Upon Shadows new single 2021

 Upon Shadows new single

Date release: October 18th/2021!

Meanwhile you can listen and support our music in the following way:
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You can order our latest album "Modern Obscurantism" CD-Digipack HERE

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Downloading our music for free here in this blog.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Upon Shadows announce a serie of lyric videos.


UPON SHADOWS is a female Dark Metal Duo formed in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2002, and based in Oulu, Finland since 2013.

"Modern Obscurantism" is Upon Shadows seventh album and was released in October 2019 by the Finnish label Ground Media Group.

Now the duo is announcing a serie of lyric videos that are going to cover all the songs from this album, and which are starting to be released from now and during the following months at Upon Shadows official YouTube channel. (

Watch the first video from this serie “The Archaic Censorship Of Your Eyes” HERE

Next video released on Friday 19  is “Creators Of Shadows” . Watch HERE

About the concept of our new album:

"It establishes a parallelism between the obscurantism of the Middle Ages the new forms of control and censorship...

Reminding us of the importance of keeping rebelliousness alive and fighting for utopias. And musically the album can be defined as a mix of Extreme Metal and Dark Ambient.". Declares the lyricist and composer Tamara Picardo.

Track List:

1. Back to the Dark Ages (instrumental)

2. Vanity's Bonfire

3. The Archaic Censorship Of Your Eyes

4. Creators Of Shadows

5. Dogma: The Infamy Of Fire

6. Lux et Umbra

7. Illusion Of Freedom

8. Handling Cognitive Factor

9. Out Of The Blue Comes The New Plague

10. Lucifer

Physical released by Ground Media Group 

(digipack version with 12 pages booklet edition)

Order HERE


Natalia Arocena - bass

Tamara Picardo - keyboards, guitars and vocals.

Sessionist drummer: Joonas Alaräihä

Modern Obscurantism was mix and master by Mika Pohjola

at Soundmix Recording Studio in Oulu, Finland.

© & ⓟ All music composed and produced by Tamara Picardo.

Lyrics & art design by Tamara Picardo.


Upon Shadows anuncia una serie de videos con letras.

UPON SHADOWS es un dúo femenino de Dark Metal formado en Montevideo, Uruguay en 2002, y con sede en Oulu, Finlandia desde 2013.

 "Modern Obscurantism" es el séptimo álbum de Upon Shadows y fue lanzado en octubre de 2019 por el sello finlandés Ground Media Group.

Ahora el dúo está anunciando una serie de videos con letras que van a cubrir todas las canciones de este álbum, y que están comenzando a ser lanzados a partir de ahora y durante los próximos meses en el canal oficial de YouTube de Upon Shadows. (

Mira el primer video de esta serie “La censura arcaica de tus ojos (The archaic censorship of your eyes)”  AQUI

El siguiente video lanzado el pasado 19 de febrero fué "Creadores de sombras (Creators Of Shadows)" y puedes verlo   AQUI

Sobre el concepto del álbum:

“Establece un paralelismo entre el oscurantismo de la Edad Media las nuevas formas de control y censura ...

Recordándonos la importancia de mantener viva la rebeldía y luchar por las utopías. Y musicalmente el disco se puede definir como una mezcla de Metal Extremo y Dark Ambient ”. Declara la letrista y compositora Tamara Picardo.

Lanzamiento físico por Ground Media Group

(versión digipack con edición de folleto de 12 páginas).

Pedidos : AQUI


Natalia Arocena - bajo

Tamara Picardo - teclados, guitarras y voz.

Baterista sesionista: Joonas Alaräihä

Modern Obscurantism fue mezclado y masterizado por Mika Pohjola

en Soundmix Recording Studio en Oulu, Finlandia.

© & ⓟ Toda la música compuesta y producida por Tamara Picardo.

Diseño de letras y arte de Tamara Picardo.

10 years of Upon Shadows "Melodies In Grey Scale" !

On Monday is going to be 10 years of Upon Shadows "Melodies In Grey Scale".

The album was digitally released in October 18th/2010 but the physical edition was released by Satanica records (NZ), in Feb. 22/2011.

This is a very important album for me, because that was when I started recording all the guitars by myself, and together with Natalia Arocena we consolidated as a duo. (Before - from 2002 -2009 - we were three, and the guitar was in charge of Marcelo Aguilar, although the composition of the songs in their entirety was always mine). Stay safe and try to keep the flame alive! Tamara.


El lunes se cumplirán 10 años de Upon Shadows "Melodies In Grey Scale".

El álbum fue lanzado digitalmente el 18 de octubre de 2010, pero la edición física fue lanzada por Satanica Records (NZ), el 22 de febrero de 2011.

Este es un disco muy importante para mí, porque fue entonces cuando empecé a grabar todas las guitarras por mi cuenta, y junto a Natalia Arocena nos consolidamos como dúo. (Antes - de 2002 a 2009 - éramos tres, y la guitarra estaba a cargo de Marcelo Aguilar, aunque la composición de las canciones en su totalidad siempre fue mía).

YouTube Spotify

Free download HERE

Friday, July 10, 2020

Upon Shadows New Single 2020

Upon Shadows new single "Encuentro" Date release October 18th. 2020 !

Our new single will be called  "Encuentro", and will be released in two versions, one in Spanish and the other in Finnish.
With the special participation of Angela P. Coldnight in DSBM vocals,  Lucia Sena on drums and Gabriel Brikman in guitar arrangements.

Release date: 10/18/2020   


Nuestro nuevo simple se llamará "Encuentro" y será lanzado en dos versiones, una en español y la otra en finlandés.
Cuenta con la participación especial de Angela P. Coldnight en voces DSBM, Lucia Sena en batería y Gabriel Brikman en arreglos de guitarra.

Fecha de lanzamiento : 18.10.2020  


Upon Shadows - Encuentro (Official video).

Upon Shadows
Embroidered Snake Patch and get new release (Encuentro/Kohtaaminen ) as a bonus. Release date
October 18th.


Monday, April 27, 2020

Upon Shadows in Compilations

Uruguay Extremo II

Uruguayan Extreme Metal Compilation released by Valvular TV / Metal Uruguayo 
Date release : 24.4.2020
Free download  HERE

Thank you very much!


Released by Salute Records - 2010 (Sweeden)
COMPILATION - TWO CDS - 24 TRACKS/20 BANDS/120 COPIES                   

                                                              Thank you very much!

Most Unholy Convergence II 

Compilation of 103 tracks by Satanica Production (New Zealand).
Upon Shadows, Markhor, Beltane, Throne of Malediction, BLACKEST ORCHID, CONJURATION, Plaag~Black Hearted Rock & Roll, and lots more included.

Available at :

                                                    Thank you very much!

Black Metal Agenda vol 5 
(Norway - 2010) 
Compilation -

Free download at:

                                                    Thank you very much!

Upon Shadows at Terrorizer Magazine Compilation, #266!

                                                    Thank you very much!

The Legion Of Tchort Compilation #14

Available at :

The Legion Of Tchort Zine:

                                                     Thank you very much!

"Avanzad Guerreras"

(Argentina - 2015)

Free download HERE

                                                    Thank you very much!