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Friday, January 27, 2017


"Alchemy of pain" 
     Printed Book

"Alchemy of pain" 

Printed Book
Price: 30 €
Shipping cost included. 
Payment method: Paypal
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General Info:
Style: Poetry prose.
78 pages (black and white).
Size: 8,25 x 10,75 inches
Language : English

"Alquimia del Dolor"
    Libro impreso

"Alquimia del Dolor"

Libro impreso
Precio: 30 €
Costos de envío incluidos.
Método de pago: Paypal
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Información general:
Estilo: Poesía en prosa.
Tapa dura.
78 páginas (blanco y negro).
Tamaño: 8,25x10,75 pulgadas
Idioma: Español

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Musician / Writer / Designer

"Alchemy of Pain" (Alquimia del dolor) - Book - Date release 2/8/2016

Music work:
(keyboard, guitar, voices and programing, composer).
Upon Shadows (all music, lyrics and art design). - 2002 to date.
Voces Anònimas (TV Show - Uruguay) - musical production - 2009 to date.

Participations with other bands :

 Ad Noctum Project (Chile). Vocals.
 "El Reino de la Ultima tierra" - 2015

 Aborym (Italy). Keyboards.
 "Need For Limited Loss" - 2013

 Blackest Orchid (Canada). Keyboards.
 "Where do I go" - 2013

 Episcopal Holocaust (Canada). Vocals.
"Northern Tyrany" 2013

 Asbel (Colombia). Keyboards & Vocals.
 "The Dark...The Whitered..." Vol 1 2010
 "The Dark...The Whitered..." Vol II 2013

 MARKHOR (Switzerland). Vocals.
 "La Vouivre" - 2012
 "Schwarzenbuhl" - 2012
 "Stornoway" - 2016

 Beltane (New Zeland). Keyboards.
 "Auld Toby"  - 2011
 "Anode To Leviathan" - 2011

 Throne of Malediction (USA). Keyboards.
 "Out of Darkness, Comes Light " - 2013
 "Dead in Dreams" Simple - 2014

 Valkynaz (USA). Vocals.
 "Endlich Allein" - 2011

 Past Band /Banda previa :
 Eclampsy (Uruguay) -1995 to 2002. Keyboards.

Upon Shadows discography:


 Between The Southern Cross & The Northern Star - Album 2015
 7 Stages Of Grief - Album 2014
 7 Chapters - Album 2012
 Dark Ambient Sounds & Textures - Album 2012
 Melodies In Grey Scale - Album 2011
 The Huge Circle Of Time - Album 2009

 Upon Shadows - Demo/Album 2003


 Geometry Of Music - Single 2016
 Andromeda - Single 2014
 Vision From The Child - Single 2013
 The Way To The Pleiades - Single 2012
 Tragic Prelude - Single 2011


 Hidden Terror Of All Dreams - EP 2016
 Melankolia & Upon Shadows EP: "Shadows Echo Melancholy" 15/11/2012
 Tenebre - EP 2011


 Only Keys And Whispers - Keyboard Compilation 2011

My Pages : 

Facebook page
YouTube Channel
Official Website 

Voces Anónimas  Facebook   YouTube

Thank you very much!

Book - Free download options.

Presenting my first book "Alchemy of Pain"

A short book that can be define as a colection of thoughts and perceptions of reality,
caressing the boundaries of the poetic prose, in a total free way of writing where honestly of emotions is the most important task.

Each text has a graphic complement, a symbolic drawing whose purpose is to reveal a bit more.
Sometimes the simplest words have the key to deeper stages.

Available at : in both formats printed hardcover edition and eBook ! 
(English and Spanish).

Free download options :

English version - click here

Versión en Español cliquea aquí

English translation corrections by Pedro Ceriotti.

To watch the promo Video - click here